Kit Organiser Bag


Our new Kit Organiser bags are handmade and will keep your wool separated with two acrylic wool organizers. It also can be folded neatly to make your wool more compact and fastened with a button. The willow fabric is fully lined.

Dimensions Closed 24cm x 40cm x 2cm
Open 49cm x 40cm x 1cm

Customer Reviews

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Dr Lisa Cooper
Excellent - Well Designed

I was put off by the price but I should have bought the organiser bag years ago. It allows you to carefully sort and arrange your wools - particularly important when there are a large number and subtle shades in the kit. In the past I've made mistakes and used the wrong coloured wool - precipitating panic at the end of the kit and delays whilst supplements were sent. This should all now be a thing of the past. The organiser only has space 24 colours and my current kit has 32 but I have easily accommodated the extra by keeping large volume wools for background/framing in a separate bag and marking up the wool sample chart so I know where they are. This is a quality, well designed product - well worth the price although I bought during one of the promotions making it more affordable

Judy Hayward
Kit Organiser bag

Thank you, I am enjoying using an excellent well thought out bag. The small plastic bags I've been using for the wool are now history!

Organizing yarn

I love the organizer. I have organized the yarn by number and added numbers on the plastic so I don't have to count. Seems simplistic, but it works for me.

Paula Concannon
Organizer bag - What took so long!

I am a long time EB stitcher and have had a yarn sorting approach using file folders. Those days are gone! Love the new kit organizer bag, it’s well designed and keeps everything neat and tidy. Love it!

Wanda Farrington

Love it! Yarn stays neat, easy to travel and it’s pretty too!

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