Acrylic Wool Organiser


This useful Acrylic Wool Organiser (13.5" x 2.5") is an absolute must for keeping your wools tidy and organised. Making it possible to remove individual threads without creating a tangled mess!

To protect the acrylic from getting damaged, each acrylic wool organiser comes with a protective paper/film covering it. You will need to peel this off before using the acrylic organiser.

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This organizer is made of sturdy plastic and keeps wools organized. I wish holes were a bit bigger. Overall a great product.

Consultant 2411
Took a few gos... but

Took a few go's to get the hang of this and its great once you master it - love that my wool does not sit getting tangled - sturdy and def helps
Got 3 to go with the 3 projects!

Mary Cowley
Most Fabulous Product!

I love these! Absolutely necessary for a canvas you're currently working on, so if there are three colors of green you don't confuse them. However, also REALLY helpful way to store/ sort yarn you're using in your own designs. I sometimes work a design from the Elizabeth Bradley books with a more modern, vibrant color way. Plus, before I start a kit I compare the kit yarns to my wool shade book and identify the yarn by color number. Then, if I have yarn leftover from a kit I can store the yarn by it's number. Many kits use same/similar yarns, so this is a really efficient way to store & use yarn. Lastly, this material (Lexan, I think) is very expensive, so even if you have a wonderfully skilled husband like I do, you will be hard pressed to make them for less. In short, a greatly versatile product at a good price. Doesn't get better than this!

Judy M
Great tool!

The organizer is very handy and keeps the wool separated by color. Love it!

Sandra Gee
Wool organiser

Keeps wool in good order and easy to use. Holes could be a bit bigger for larger amounts of wool. Very glad I bought it.

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