Wool Shade Book


The shade book features actual wool samples from each of the Elizabeth Bradley wool colors. Each shade is organized to help you determine the right wool color for your existing projects, for stitching any of the designs from Elizabeth Bradley publications, and for stitching new creations.

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Only one complaint

I love having all of the colors, especially since there is not a retailer near me. My only complaint is that the book format makes it hard/impossible to view yarns next to each other.

Wonderful Resource

This product is not only beautiful but so very useful. Although I love the EB kits, I also like stitching my own designs, so being able to have real wool samples makes choosing colors much easier. Just looking at those beautiful colors is fun.


I needed additional black wool for the background of a kit I bought 10 years ago and wasn’t able to get to. I was concerned as to whether or not the extra wool would match 10 year old wool. I ordered two hanks. It arrived in only two days. Nice! I see no difference in the two different wools. I was nervous. Thanks EB.


It’s Lovely

So glad I decided to go ahead and invest in it!

Valuable resource

Here are a few occasions when the Wool Shade Book is invaluable: 1)You want to change a color in an Elizabeth Bradley design to make it fit in your room better, say making roses more salmony and less pink. 2)You work from charts in EB books or elsewhere. 3)You design your own work - brava! 4)You stitch the main part of the EB design as shown but change the background with some texture or pattern - which colors to use? I could go on! Unless you only work from kits exactly as designed and packaged, the Wool Shade Book comes in handy. Plus looking at the array of colors is cheering. It would be even more useful if the yarn samples in it were a smidge bigger, but they work fine as they are, and greed is bad. Recommended for anyone who does any stitching aside from kits. I already had an older version of the Wool Shade Book from when the range of colors was more limited; I use both and would not part with either.

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