Wool Shade Book


The shade book features actual wool samples from each of the Elizabeth Bradley wool colors. Each shade is organized to help you determine the right wool color for your existing projects, for stitching any of the designs from Elizabeth Bradley publications, and for stitching new creations.

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michelle henderson
Wool shade book

I love this book of all the shades of wool that is offered by EB. I sometimes like to work from her pattern books and it helps when I want to see or change colors in a pattern.

KJ Bemies
EB Wool Shade Book

It's superb, of course. Mostly just grateful she expanded her shade count nearing Appleton's, but with a much softer wool that "tugs" more easily through canvas for the cross stitch required. And I'm a fan who owns all her publications, with chart offerings that don't come in her kits, so now I can just buy her yarn, cut out the chart and fill a Blueline canvas right up to my last days on earth. I've loved Elizabeth Bradley's work for 30 years; so grateful for this shop in NC devoted exclusively to her.

Debra Erhart
Wool shade book

Love it

Andrew Thompson
Beautiful Swatch Card

I have a couple of wool swatch cards, the Elizabeth Bradley comes as an A4 sized folder which opens to reveal jewel like colours on quality wool yarn; it’s a feast for the eyes. The colour range is substantial from bright jewel tones to the more subtle shades of ivory, greens and earth tones. You won’t be disappointed, they have covered the colour spectrum to perfection . The swatch is beautifully presented and lovely to handle. For wool stitchers everywhere it’s an encyclopaedic offering.

The Needlepoint Man.

Thelma Jackson
Better than a rainbow

A wonderful shade book, it gives me so many great ideas and hours of pleasure.

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