Colour Connection

Our kits offer unique lifelike designs, with shading, to further highlight the detail of every aspect of the tapestry kit. To illustrate these fine details, the wool colours in your kit can look very similar. 

The below best practises will help you sort your wool shades and get the most out of each of our designs. 

Sorting Your Wool 

  • The pre-cut and ready to use strands in your kit are best sorted in daylight. 
  • Use the wool code card provided in your kit to reference as you separate the wool by colour. 

  • You may have multiple bundles of the same colour if there are large areas of design to fill in, pay extra attention to sorting these shades.
  • Tie a small amount of each colour to the corresponding square on the right hand side colour key of the canvas for a quick, easy reference when stitching. 

 A Helping Hand 

An Acrylic Wool Organiser is a must to keeping your wool tidy and organised. This 20-hole gadget enables you to separate each wool shade into its own hole and easily remove each individual needed strand. 

Take your organisation to the next level with our Kit Organiser Bag. featuring a  stunning willow fabric, these fully lined, handmade bags keep you wool safe, separated and compact with the button close. 

Our Small and Large Accessories packs are complied with our most useful stitching accessories. These packs give you the tools on hand for a seamless stitching experience. 

We take great pride in bringing you the finest tapestry kits in the industry. For more advice on getting the most out of your kit, watch the Elizabeth Bradley Tips & Techniques Video to learn more about your EB kit. 

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