Tapestry Wool Colour 901

  • Every colour available in 10 yard wool cards and 60 yard hanks
  • Superb quality pure tapestry wool
  • Spun and dyed in the UK
  • Dye lots indicated on all cards and hanks

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pleasing palette

All the EB kits come with perfect wool for stitching. Sometimes the background color of my choice calls for a slight adjustment of other colors. When I want to adapt a bit, I order the wool. Also, on the autumn sampler, I wanted a bit brighter garden, so I chose from EB's vast array. It is fun to allow myself some creative choices from their abundance of hues.

Madeleine Collinson

It is a difficult situation for me to give a review about Elizabeth Bradley. First, I am in the process of finally finishing a project I started 50 years ago! It is done with DMC tapestry wool. I do have a fairly large solid background. The shade I had from the DMC was not quite what I was looking for. That is why I contacted Elizabeth Bradley here in the US to see if they had a shade I could use. The service was excellent. I ordered several smaller shade cards, which are wonderful to use, but sadly that did not work for my project either.The small section that I did with the Elizabeth Bradley wool, looked just fine, however I thought it was slightly thinner than the DMC. For that reason I did not order more of the Elizabeth Bradley wool for my project. Still I would like to do at an other time a total Elizabeth Bradley project. So, the service is great, I liked the colors, however it might not be a good idea in my case to use different types of tapestry wool. Happy stitching!

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