Stitching On-the-Go with EB

Stitching On-the-Go with EB

Part of the fun in stitching an Elizabeth Bradley kit is the ease of taking it anywhere. Because you can work the piece without a frame, you’re able to stitch while traveling for holiday via car, plane or train. 

Our state-of-the-art stitch printed canvas paired with the quick & simple Victorian Cross Stitch will help pass the time and allow you to relax and enjoy.  Read below for tips on taking your Elizabeth Bradley kit on-the-go!

1. Organize your wool before you stitch.

Pre-sorting your fibers allows you to start your project without any confusion on which colour wool goes where. Make sure to label each colour with the code number from the colour code card & chart. Our Acrylic Wool Organiser is a great tool when separating your wool, keeping the strands neat & tidy.

2. Bring your accessories.

Make sure you are prepared for any situation by bringing along all of your stitching accessories. Extra needles are always a good idea, and you can fix them to your canvas with an EB Magnet. Use your Logo Accessories Bag to keep up with any extras!

3. Use a vinyl bag to store your materials.

Our vinyl bags are a must for storing your stitching materials! The Logo Kit Bag is large enough to hold any 16” kit or smaller. Simply roll your canvas before putting it in the bag to ensure your stitching keeps clean. The Logo Accessories Bag can hold wool, accessories, or a combination of both. Use both bag sizes together to stay totally organized from start to finish.

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