Helpful Tips for Using our Kit Organiser Bag

Helpful Tips for Using our Kit Organiser Bag

Our Kit Organiser Bag is a wonderful way to organise and store your strands.  Each bag is handmade using an elegant fern fabric.  It is easy to transport as it can be folded neatly and fastened with a button.

Here are a few helpful tips for using the Kit Organiser Bag:  

  • Anything over half a hank won’t fit through the acrylic hole.  We recommend that you split the wool in half and store half of the hank in the pocket of the bag.  The other half of the hank can be looped through one of the holes on the acrylic organiser.  Use 1 hole for the background hanks and store the rest of the background hanks in the pocket of the bag.
  • Accessories are wonderful tools to add to your Organiser Bag. You can easily attach our stork scissors and needle threader by looping the ribbon through an acrylic hole to keep everything together. 
Kit Organiser Bag with wool and scissors

  • Magnets can easily be attached to the Organiser Bag. This is a great way to keep your needles together with your project.  We recommend adding several needles to your magnet so you never run out.

  • In order to keep all the wool colours in their correct order, we recommend attaching stickers with the corresponding wool number to the top of the holes on the acrylic organiser. This way you won’t mix up wool colours when pulling strands for your piece.


Kit Organiser Bag with labeled wool colors and color code card
Check out this helpful video for more pointers!


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