Tips To Follow Before You Begin Stitching

Tips To Follow Before You Begin Stitching

Here are four recommended Elizabeth Bradley stitching tips & hints you can follow before you begin to stitch your design.  We hope these tips make stitching a bit easier for you!  


Stitching Tip #1

Separate all wool colours in good lighting before you begin stitching as some colours can be very close in shade.  Keep the colours well separated throughout the stitching process to avoid similar shades being mixed up.  Our kit organizer bag is a great way to organize and store your strands.

Open Kit Organiser Bag with wool inside


Stitching Tip #2

Each kit includes Elizabeth Bradley wool that is pre-cut and ready to use.  We recommend using the full strand of wool, versus cutting it in half, for the best experience. 


Stitching Tip #3

Tie a small amount of each wool colour to the corresponding square on the key at the right hand side of the canvas for a quick, easy reference.  

Color code on needlepoint canvas with coordinating wool strands looped through canvas


 Stitching Tip #4

The quality of your piece can be affected by the tension of your stitches.  Tightly pulling the wool can cause the canvas to pucker.  Try to keep the tension of each stitch the same throughout the piece for a nice, even final project! 

Close up of stitched Echinacea needlepoint pillow

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