When you work on an Elizabeth Bradley tapestry kit, you are guaranteed exceptional craftsmanship and hours of relaxing stitching. Our legacy is your legacy, and we are proud to be part of your history and home.


A charming seaside town in Anglesey, Wales is where it all began. The year was 1986, and Elizabeth Bradley, a talented needlework artist, opened a shop in Beaumaris. She set to work producing the finest quality needlepoint tapestry kits, inspired by historical needlework and steeped in tradition.


The Victorian Cross Stitch is now uniquely associated with our exquisite needlepoint designs. This even-textured tent stitch offers the weight and strength needed for rug-making and is what makes Elizabeth Bradley tapestries look and feel so luxurious.


Our tapestry kits have strong British heritage. More than thirty years later, new Elizabeth Bradley kits are still being constructed in Wales. Our wool is spun and dyed in the North of England, and the cotton needlepoint canvas is colour-printed in Devon.