1. Start in the upper right hand corner of your stitching area and work outwards.

2. Tie a knot at the end of your thread and place it 1-2" from where you begin stitching. When you stitch up to the knot, you can snip it off as you have now locked your thread in place.

3. Look closely at your canvas and identify the "poles" and "steps" in the weave of the canvas.

4. “Slide down the poles and step up the steps.” In other words, work down in a diagonal line on the "pole" intersections of the canvas, and work up a diagonal line on the "step" intersections of the canvas.

5. When you hit the edge of your colour section, maintain the diagonal placement of stitches. This may mean dragging your thread across a few other stitches. Only drag your thread if the distance is less than 1". Otherwise, secure the thread and start a new thread in the remote colour area.

6. To start a new thread, slide your needle through the back of the area you have already stitched.