The Connection Between The Kew Gardens Orchid Festival & Our Exotic Collection Kits

With the 2024 Kew Gardens Orchid Festival ending soon, we use these days to admire the 14,000 florals on display in London. This year’s show is inspired by the stunning florals of Madagascar, a tropical destination in the Indian Ocean that is known for its biodiversity. For many, the festival inspires viewers from near and afar to incorporate nature's beauty into their daily lives, either with fresh blooms or floral artwork, like one of our needlepoint kits
Orchids of every shape, size, and variety create a breathtaking vision throughout The Royal Botanic Garden this month, a taste of which is replicated in the Exotic Collection Kits. Our floral needlepoint kits embody the same sense of elegance that grace the gardens of Kew, but Elizabeth Bradley orchids are eternal. 
Stitch The Splendour of Live Flowers Into Art 
Our Exotic Collection Kits are a vibrant celebration of colour–much like the festival itself. However, the connection goes much deeper than that to combine the intricate beauty of the natural world with the cheerful spirit of the stitching community. You can’t go wrong with any of our needlepoint kits, but the Exotic Collection is especially reminiscent of the festivities in London this month. 
Find inspiration in The Kew Gardens Orchid Festival with Exotic Collection Needlepoint Kits
You’ll be spoiled for choice with floral needlepoint kits that feature orchids, ginger lilies, or strelitzias, any of which will feel like you’ve brought a piece of the festival into your home.
Evoking a sense of tranquility in any space, a bouquet of soft pink orchids creates a breathtaking floral tapestry. 
Vibrant hues of orange and coral create a sense of warmth that is reminiscent of the tropical paradise from which the ginger lily originates. 
The sophisticated neutral colour tones and understated elegance of cymbidium orchids adds a touch of allure to any home. 
So, whether you're a seasoned needlepoint enthusiast or a budding beginner who aspires to learn needlepoint, let The Kew Gardens Orchid Festival inspire your next floral craft. With nature as your muse and needle as your brush, the possibilities are endless.

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