Setting the New Standard: A Closer Look at the New Elizabeth Bradley

"Stitching can be innovative and new frontiers can be broken by experimenting with fresh materials and techniques."
-Liz Bradley

Stitch Printing

We proudly continue to lead the needlepoint industry with our new cutting-edge stitch printing technology. We've listened to our loyal customers & have worked to ensure that you will never struggle with an intersection again. Our canvases are produced to the highest standards, now with even more meticulous precision.

Updated Stitch Printing

Eco-Friendly Packaging 

Our first boxes were delicate & made from thin card. We then switched to acetate. Today, we have created our new packaging, made with recyclable card, updating our brand with a fresh & sleek, yet durable box.

Updated Eco-Friendly Packaging

100% Pure Virgin Tapestry Wool

Trusted & loved by stitchers around the world, our superb quality premium-grade tapestry wool will always be included in every Elizabeth Bradley kit. Our diverse tonal range ensures that each kit will be matched with a perfectly-balanced colour palette.

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