Refreshing Your Home with Elizabeth Bradley Design

Refreshing Your Home with Elizabeth Bradley Design

At Elizabeth Bradley Design, there’s nothing we love more than seeing your finished needlepoint kits and how you display them in your home! It’s an honour that so many people have incorporated their kits into their decor, and we are always amazed by the vast spectrum of styles they span. 

Whether you’re redesigning your space, just moved house, or are starting your very first needlepoint kit, there’s no shortage of Elizabeth Bradley collections to choose from! Read on for some renovation inspiration.

While needlework as an art form dates back centuries, there’s no need to shy away from it in modern homes! Our timeless Blooms Collection is perfect for floral fanatics, as are the kits in our Trellis Collection (hint: you’ll want to be subscribed to our emails for something special coming very soon!). The Needlepoint To Go Collection complements contemporary styles with its intricate patterns and trendy colours. 

For cosy cottages with a more classic feel, consider the lovely woodland scenes of our Forget-Me-Not Collection. Our Bell Pull Collection is a nod to Victorian tapestries of the same name, and will delight any antique collector. The pretty pastels of our Shade Garden Collection are an elegant way to enhance your space while matching your existing decor.

If you prefer to switch up your style every few months, we have plenty of kits to keep you stitching year-round!  Our Victorian Flower, Millefleur Collections, and Sampler Collections are perfect for those who like to mark each season with decor to match.

Anything goes for eclectic decorators! Our Victorian Animal Collection is full of interesting creatures that will certainly capture guests’ attention. For vibrant, unique floral designs, try our Exotic, Tropical, or Climbing Flower Collections.

Coastal-inspired decor is a wonderful way to invite a sense of calm to your surroundings, whether it’s for a holiday home or your permanent residence. Our Shells and Fish Collections will instantly transport you to the seaside, while the nautical designs in our Children’s Collection are a great addition to any little one’s bedroom. 

Speaking of the Children’s Collection, surprise the kids with an alphabet of animal cushions they’ll treasure forever. You’ll also find kits that serve as both teaching tools and decoration.

We want to hear from you! What decor style is your favourite? Which kits or collections do you have displayed in your home? Do you have any decorating tips to share with your fellow stitchers? Let us know in the comments below!

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