Preparing for Aftersales: Cushions

Allow our expert aftersales team to transform your labour of love into a cherished heirloom. There are various ways your cushion can be made up, so let us walk you through the cushion completion process.


We offer a variety of edging options including cording, self-welt and tassels. Cording can be applied flush to the edges of the piece all around, or with loops on the corners for additional flair. Tassels on the corners add an even bolder finish. Choose from the cording options we carry or provide your own for a special personalized touch.
Needlepoint cushions with various edging and cording


We have 12 luxurious colours of moire fabric available for the backing of your cushion. We also offer a contemporary ecru linen-blend fabric. As with cording, you may also provide your own fabric to further personalize your piece.
Moire Fabric Colour Options

Other Considerations

 If you are unsure whether a specific material will work for your piece, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team for advice and recommendations. Should you be stitching companion pieces, it is strongly advised that you submit them to us at the same time to ensure all materials used are the same.
Once you have selected your finishing materials, simply pack up your completed panel plus any personal materials, and ship them to the Elizabeth Bradley office for processing. We ask that you include a note in your parcel stating your name, contact information and finishing preferences as laid out above. Our EB team will contact you once your package arrives to confirm details such as turnaround time & pricing. We aim to provide seamless aftersales services so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and stitch something new in the meantime!

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