Elizabeth Bradley Tapestry Wool

Elizabeth Bradley Tapestry Wool

We have new Elizabeth Bradley Wool Colours!  We have added several bright new shades to our 360+ colour range.  These new tones work in perfect harmony with the existing palette of rich historical shades to ensure the wool line continues to be current and fresh.  


Pile of Elizabeth Bradley tapestry wool hanks


Vernon Kirk, Elizabeth Bradley's Head Designer explains, "Each new shade works with Elizabeth Bradley's existing colours to add vibrancy and a contemporary feel, making Elizabeth Bradley wool even more regarding to stitch with."  

Our Elizabeth Bradley tapestry wool is spun and dyed in the UK.  Each colour is available in 10 yard cards and 60 yard hanks.  Dye lots are indicated on all cards and hanks.  


Close up of the Elizabeth Bradley wool shade book


Our Wool Shade Book features wool samples of each of the Elizabeth Bradley shades.  It is a wonderful tool for matching and selecting colours.  The book is organized to help you find the right wool for your needlework - whether it's a design from one of the Elizabeth Bradley publications or any other project you are working on.  


The entire Elizabeth Bradley wool shade book
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