Stitching Spotlight - Maggi Dunn

Maggi Dunn found a love of needlework at the age of 7, and has since become an accomplished stitcher with a wealth of experience and expertise. She began stitching Elizabeth Bradley as a creative outlet after being lured in by the colours and shading found throughout the designs. Once hooked, she became a member of the EB Stitching Circle and has remained active in it for the past eight years.

Maggi finds the stitching process to be extremely relaxing and has lost count of how many pieces she has completed. She appreciates that no matter which kits she stitches, she is able to coordinate and display them together. For that reason, she finishes most of her projects as cushions. 

Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint cushions on couch

However, she made a departure from cushion-sized projects on Boxing Day of 2020 when she began her most recent finish - The Giant Wreath. This was a special limited edition kit released in 2016 in honour of EB’s 20th anniversary and is now available as a charted design in our book series. Maggi’s completed wreath is prominently displayed over the staircase in her home. She says it was a joy taking on the challenge of such a large statement piece, and is now completing a rug with designs from the Shade Garden Collection. She is also working on a mini kit to be inserted into an Oak Box.

Giant Wreath needlepoint tapestry hanging on wall

Of all her projects, Maggi does have a favourite. It is the wall hanging she created with the Beekeeper, Potager, Gardener, and Nest Box mini kits. She designed the border herself and joined the four small kits as a means of practicing prior to embarking on her six-panel Shade Garden carpet.

Blue and Yellow needlepoint wall hanging

Maggi’s advice for the new stitcher is this: “Don’t fret about if you are doing it ‘correctly’. As long as it is working for you, it is right. The most important thing is keeping the tension of your stitches consistent, but don’t worry too much about that either as they tend to even out when steamed. Just relax and enjoy the wonderful colours. It doesn’t matter how long a piece takes you, it is not a competition, just enjoy the whole thing.”

Elizabeth Bradley floral needlepoint bench

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