Stitching Spotlight - Ivanna Gibbard

Long-time Elizabeth Bradley enthusiast Ivanna Gibbard first developed a love for our kits in the early 1990s. When asked which of her completed projects is her favourite, she cleverly replied that it was like asking her to choose a favourite child! However, if she were made to choose, she would pick the Evergreen Magnolia

Evergreen Magnolia needlepoint pillow on table

Ivanna has stitched many Elizabeth Bradley kits over the decades, spanning the range of designs from various collections. She has also worked from the charts in our books, and stitched selections such as the Harvest Field & A Bunch of Spring Flowers pictured below. Currently, she is completing the Exotic Odontoglossum on a duck egg blue background. She enjoys sharing her work with loved ones and has given away more pieces than she’s kept for herself.

A Bunch of Spring Flowers & Harvest Field needlepoint tapestries

Ivanna loves everything about the Elizabeth Bradley brand and stitches it almost exclusively because of the relaxing & zen-like feeling she gets from stitching with the Victorian Cross Stitch. She finds the designs wonderful & the results perfect. She even commented that our updated printing process is "spot on & fabulous". 

Ivanna Gibbard with two of her finished needlepoint pieces

Because Ivanna is such a well-seasoned stitcher, we thought it would be fitting to get some advice from her for those new to needlework. She highly recommends joining the EB Stitching Circle group on Facebook, where she regularly converses with other EB enthusiasts around the world. She enjoys meeting other wonderful stitchers and acts as a mentor to “newbies” who need help with their projects. 

Variety of Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint pillows stitched by Ivanna Gibbard


This is an answer to Sophie W. I am not a matchy-matchy person, so I don’t consider my other furnishings. I just choose what I think will go with the main part of canvas. I hope this helps.

Ivanna Gibbard June 28, 2021

YES “IVANNA”: Your excellent-work of “ELIZABETH BRADLEY”; Is SOOO-INSPIRING & VERY-BEAUTIFUL!!I cannot wait to finish mine now & order more of those BEAUTIFUL, high-quality Victorian-Needlepoint KITS & Accessories that ELIZABETH BRADLEY Has to offer!~~

Sue Vandenberg June 24, 2021

Way to go Ivanna! Having already received the benefit of many of Ivanna’s tips – I am very appreciative of all that she has shared to date and would highly recommend to any interested person to check her out on Facebook!

Natalie June 23, 2021

Thank you for sharing your passion of Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint with us, Ivanna! Your completed projects is beautiful and inspiring! And, thank you for the EB Stitching Circle tip.

I don’t know if you will see this comment, but I was wondering how you decide on a background color for the kits that offer a choice. I am always so undecided. Thank you for your advise.

Sophie Wittelsberger June 23, 2021

My goodness! I am so impressed! Her work is just beautiful and to read that she gives away more than she keeps is so humbling-Ivanna wins first prize on several counts. Surrounded by gorgeousness and a generous heart , life with Ivanna must be wonderful.

Barbara June 23, 2021

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