Stitching Spotlight - Barbara Rohdie

Stitching Spotlight - Barbara Rohdie

Barbara Rohdie, a stitcher of Elizabeth Bradley tapestries for over 15 years, is the mastermind behind one of our favourite customer creations to date. Barbara originally found her love of fiber arts in hand-sewing quilts. Today, Barbara is known for her beautifully unique tapestry “cubes”. 

Elizabeth Bradley floral tapestry cubes

Barbara meticulously plans her cubes with five 16” Elizabeth Bradley panels that have complementary color palettes. She joins them then finishes the bottom with an accompanying fabric, 3-sided zipper, and personalized label. So far, Barbara has finished 10 cubes! Shown below is a cube featuring designs from the Evergreen, Botanical Garden, and Exotic Collections. You can see how she plots out her model then completes it. 

Needlepoint tapestry cube pinned together next to completed cube

Barbara is currently working on a cube featuring the Birds from our Tropical Collection. She chose a dark green background for the base of the piece, which makes quite the elegant statement. Over the years, Barbara has found that Elizabeth Bradley kits create exceptional finished products due to the quality of the materials, specifically our wool. She also enjoys working with our canvases because of their ideal size, they are the perfect for the cubes.

Needlepoint tapestry cube with dark green background pinned together

Barbara’s advice to others is to stitch the design to make it work for you and your final product. She has often added her own flair to her panels by altering the design area with various colour customizations. Stitching EB is meant to be a creative expression and Barbara is the best at putting a personal touch on her kits.

Chair with framed needlepoint tapestries and cubed needlepoint foot stool
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