Blooming Beauty

Amber Baker fell in love with the vibrant Elizabeth Bradley color palette after seeing a fellow stitcher working on the Red Poppy at a “Stitch-In” at The Village Needleworks in Omaha, Nebraska.  She woke up the next morning with a new goal - to stitch twelve dining room chairs in Elizabeth Bradley Blooms! 

Despite having never stitched an Elizabeth Bradley kit before, it took Amber a mere 14 months to complete the project.  She selected her first designs - Camellia Blossom and Dahlia – because they didn’t have stems, so would work perfectly on her armchairs and the black background really makes the designs “pop”.  But, perhaps her smartest decision was putting them on the back of the chairs instead of the seats - this way, Amber can enjoy her beautifully stitched designs every single day!

Amber tells us she doesn’t have a favorite chair - she loves them all - but many of her family members have theirs, and always sit at their chosen bloom at family dinners.   Who needs name cards when you have needlepoint Blooms!  

While the Blooms Collection is one of Amber’s favourites, The Gloucester Old Spot Sow with Her Piglets and The Suffolk Lambs are also near the top of her list.  Since she lives by the motto, “Go big or go home”.  We suspect that she has already started stitching her next big project.  

Thank you Amber for sharing your Elizabeth Bradley story with us!  

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Love her kits

Kathy Barber March 14, 2019

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