Blogs for Beginners: Waste Knots

Blogs for Beginners: Waste Knots

Opening a new Elizabeth Bradley kit is like opening a gift. Our ‘Blog for Beginners’ series will walk you through how to get started and navigate the stitching process all the way to the end.

Putting in the first stitch of a new EB kit is such a satisfying feeling, but did you know that the waste knot needed to get you started is just as important? A waste knot sits on top of the canvas and is used to anchor your wool as you begin your first stitches. Tie a knot in the end of your wool strand, sink your needle about an inch from where you want to begin then pull your needle to where your first stitch will go. You’ll see there is a line of thread on the back of the canvas and your stitches will wrap around it, securing it in place. Once you approach the waste knot with your stitches, simply snip it off and continue stitching the row. 

We recommend using waste knots especially for your first row of stitching. However, once you have plenty of stitching completed, you can secure new lengths of wool by sliding your needle underneath five or six completed stitches. 

Check out the video below to learn how to use waste knots while stitching!


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