Blogs for Beginners: Counting Out Canvas

Starting a new Elizabeth Bradley kit is an extremely exciting process! Curious how to get started? We’re here to help. Our Blog for Beginners Series will walk you through the stitching process from start to finish. 

First things first, you will need to count out your mesh to ensure that your tapestry measures the correct size once completed. This is especially important for stitchers who plan to use their panels to create a carpet. Each of our kits includes a 10-mesh interlock stitch-printed canvas, with the exception of the Kirk & Bradley for Elizabeth Bradley line, which includes a 12-mesh stitch-printed mono canvas.

To ensure that your completed piece will be the correct size, use a strand of wool & needle to mark every 10 holes of your canvas as shown in the video below. With 10-mesh canvas, 10 holes measure 1 inch.

Right Handed:

Left Handed:

Refer to the table below for the correct measurements for various-sized stitched designs:

Design Size

Completed Size

Mini Kits - 6” x 6”

60 stitches x 60 stitches

Medium Kits - 12” x 12”

120 stitches x 120 stitches

Large Kits - 16” x 16”

     (Blooms 16.4” x 16.4”)

160 stitches x 160 stitches

    (Blooms 164 stitches x 164 stitches)

Bell Pulls - 6” x 40”

60 stitches x 400 stitches

Fish - 28” x 11”

280 stitches x 110 stitches

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